product love: bulldog

Move over pooch, there’s a new best friend in town and his name is Bulldog. Purpose built for men’s skin, Bulldog has the all the tools you need, whether you’re battling oiliness, dryness or sensitivity, and they’ve divvied up their skin, face and beard products accordingly.

The Sensitive collection is fragrance free to help reduce any possible irritation, the Oil Control range is packed full of witch hazel, juniper and willow bark to cleanse and control shine, and there’s even specially formulated anti-ageing and intensive protective moisturisers to stop you looking too weather-beaten. If you want to keep it classic, the Original products are all packed with essential oils, just with the added signature fragrance that blends bergamot, patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver. And the whole lot is free from parabens, animal products, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours…only top natural ingredients paired with the best science has to offer.

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