Who new that the social media generation were such dirty little so and sos? Some new research shows that nearly a quarter of Generation Z would consider sending a nude to their Valentine instead of buying a gift. Now, we hasten to add that this is Pot Noodle’s research and so should be taken with a pinch of Bombay Bad Boy seasoning, but we’re sure there’s something in it somewhere.

The upshot is that for one glorious day this year – Valentine’s Day – you’ll be able to “send noods, not nudes” via a one off partnership between Pot Noodle and Deliveroo. Yes for just £1 you can send a special edition box of Pot Noodles to anyone in London or Leeds, with the available flavours set to include Jerk Chicken; Original Curry; Chicken and Mushroom; and Bombay Bad Boy.

Although the idea is you’d send it to someone else, there’s nothing stopping you sending one to yourself. So if you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Deliveroo thinking ‘what I really want is a Pot Noodle’, this is your big chance.

The limited-edition ‘Send Noods’ kits will be available on the Deliveroo app on 14th February whilst supplies last. The kits will be available from select kitchens in Leeds and London from 12:00 PM. 

Fri 14th February 2020