Poke meets donburi at the new Poke-Don concept from the Bone Daddies Group, launching as a restaurant-within-a-restaurant at the Fitzroiva branch of Flesh & Buns. Poke, which was created by Japanese communities in Hawaii, evolved from donburi, itself a dish that was invented as a time saver, topping cooked rice with other ingredients from a restaurant menu to be able to serve it quickly.

Available on weekday lunchtimes, the Poke-Don menu will include combos like chilli rubbed smoked brisket with soy braised shiitake, chipotle miso, broccoli and steamed rice; ceviche mixto with avocado, shiso, yuzu and yellow pepper mayo, popcorn and sushi rice; and chicken and veg katsu with secret recipe curry sauce, pickled daikon, cabbage and steamed rice.

And if you pop-in for a weekday lunch between 16th – 26th July, you can get a Poke-Don for just £2. BARGAIN.

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Launches Tues 16th July 2019
32 Berners Street, London, W1T 3LR