Netil Market superstars Pockets have announced that they’ll be opening their first brick-and-mortar site this autumn

You’ve almost certainly heard of them already, if not, you’ll have at least wondered what the queue at Netil Market every Thursday – Sunday is about. Pockets is a falafel pitta stall in Hackney that’s become so popular that you’ll see their devoted fans waiting to grab lunch as soon as they open. And, they’ve just revealed that they’ll be leaving the E8 marketplace for a new, permanent space in the neighbourhood.

Pockets’ genius is its simplicity, there’s only one thing on the menu: their signature pitta. That being said, their pitta is a complex and thoroughly considered parcel of cabbage salad, houmous, tahini, amba, zhoug, falafel and chilli, topped with a perfectly crispy deep fried potato. They’re hyped for a reason.

We’ve not got all the deets about their new spot just yet, but we can expect an opening in autumn – we’ll have to manage without until then – and in-house pitta bakery. Could Pockets be moving from street food trader to one of the best restaurants in London? We’ll keep you updated with more info as we get it.

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Opens autumn 2023
Hackney, E8