pimpin’ up your kitchen

There comes a time when you (finally) find yourself on the property ladder. It comes at a cost and with responsibility. This is called adulthood. Having recently undergone installing a brand new kitchen, we’d like to share with you some tips on how we managed to come out the other side relatively stress-free and alive.

Let’s give this a bit of context. Like most people, who would you turn to when you need a kitchen? Probably Ikea, but why? Well mainly because you can get it on finance so you can pay it off over a few years and their guarantee of 20 years means you’re also in safe hands. However, when looking at their worktops we found it doubled the price of the kitchen because you have to have their guys come and install it. We wanted marble for ours, like really wanted it, but when we did our research we found out that marble is a terrible idea for a kitchen worktop, it’s not very durable and is likely to dull and become stained from the food you have on there.

Then we came across This Is Stone, one of the best and most experienced kitchen worktop suppliers in London with a showroom on Lots Road near Chelsea Harbour. They advised us on what we could do, sending us samples of worktops that looked just like marble but way more durable, and introduced us to quartz and porcelain brands including Silestone, Caesarstone, Neolith, Compac and Unistone to name a few. Hello! 20,000 new Pinterest pins later a decision was made to go with the first one (giant eyeroll). We should point out they do offer natural stone worktops too, including granite, limestone, travertine and slate.

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So once the hard bit is done, you let the team with over 20 years in the business bring their experience to you. From the template through to the fitting service we found This is Stone to be super helpful, from being on the end of a phone looking at diagrams to advising on every aspect of the worktops to suit our needs. So if you’re looking to pimp up your kitchen or bathroom floor or add in vanities, sinks, fireplaces and hearths, we recommend This Is Stone.

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