The mobile phone…this modern day invention we’ve all become so reliant on is like another limb, without it we’d be lost. Do you think you could stop looking at your phone for a couple of hours, sure, if you tried. How about your entire working day…that’s a little more disciplined right, but you could power through. BUT how about we challenge you to give up your phones for a whole Friday…WHAT WHAT HWHAAT!

Save the Children are rolling out this initiative to raise money to help transform children’s lives as well as testing the will power of the nation and reminding us that burying our heads into a screen is something we’ve all become a little too used to. Wondering how you will let your mum know you’re still alive, Whatsapp in real life or shoot those insta-worthy avo and eggs you might have for breakfast…have no fear, we got a Phoneless Friday survival guide for you.

First things first you’ll need to make sure you actually get up on time so you’ll need to dig out that old alarm clock. And if you don’t wear a watch it will also give you the time of day wherever you are (providing the batteries are working).

It’s all about organisation, the more planning you’ve done, the less problems you will encounter. Check the weather, damn can’t use the phone, how about the weather guide in the Metro paper or pop the news on and wait for the guy to introduce the weather section.


Without citymapper, you’ll need an AZ of London, oh and a tube map, yes you can still get these in paper form at any good underground or overground station. Make sure you’ve picked up a few taxi cab business cards before hitting the pub, because without Uber there’s no other way you’ll be getting home. Welcome to night bus hell!

Of course we don’t want you getting bored on that commute so dig out that iPod, you’ll be raving to some retro tunes and reflect on how mature you have become, oh how naive it is to be young.

One of the most iconic things that people picture about London is the red phone box. When these aren’t being turned into salad bars you’ll find you can reach most people on the other end of the telephone line, but you’ll need a yellow pages and of course an ex-directory as you’ve not memorised any telephone numbers have you? That bag is getting a tad heavy now.


When we are not scrolling through other peoples photos we are admiring our own and wondering why we aren’t getting likes. Well, go back to basics and have fun. Take a camera, shoot at will. You might find a new hobby. Everyone is a photographer these days but how would you cope with an SLR, a polaroid or even a wind it on disposable…learn your craft.

When you reach the pub at the end of the day and you and your mates are talking about going to that gig, taking a city break or even sorting next years summer travels you’ll need a calendar, a diary and printed form of dates where you can make a note of any agreed activities….you don’t want to be missing out now do you.

Not spoke to your parents or a mate all week and you feel guilty enough to do something about it but too tipsy to make a call…don’t use your phone, send a post card, tell them about your day, about the weather, what you packed in your bag and you spent 45 minutes listening to a playlist you put together on a mixed tape that has brought back a whole load of fun times.

Making the first move on someone you find easy on the eye has never been easier…you swipe, charm or push notification your way through to get their attention. Not today! Today is real life encounters with actual humans, face to face…Gulp! Take a deep breath, smile, look into their eyes and say the following with confidence…’Hi, how are you?’.

So here we go, a day without your phone, lets recap on what you will have to pack in your rucksack. Depending on your real life weather report it may be useful to pack an umbrella, a jumper or maybe some swim shorts…you never know do you, so pack all three. You’ve also got your alarm clock, London A to Z, tube map, taxi numbers, iPod, a calendar, a yellow pages, an ex-directory phone book, camera…oh maybe extra film if you are going old school, a postcard and one thing you can’t put in that bag…the courage to talk to other humans.

Go phoneless and make a real difference to children’s lives…Up for the challenge? Sign up and donate £5 for Phoneless Friday and encourage all your work mates, friends and family to do the same…

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Fri 7th October 2016