pepper & mayne

Inspired by ballet silhouettes, Pepper & Mayne twirled onto the scene in 2013 and helped kickstart the trend of ‘athlesuire’ – the comfortable clothing that sits somewhere between gym gear and everyday wear. Cutting no corners, there’s only one way to describe Pepper & Mayne and that’s luxury. They use technologically advanced fabrics, including cashmere, silk and cotton, which are super soft, quick drying and environmentally friendly.

Using a neutral colour palette, Pepper & Mayne create clean cut pieces that contain built-in support; perfect for yoga, pilates and barre. With a fully traceable supply chain, they don’t only create comfortable collections but ones that are sustainable and ethically produced too. So if you’re gonna treat yourself to something a little bit spesh, Pepper & Mayne should be the first on your list!

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