It’s all going on down SOUTHHHHH. First we saw the opening of Deptford Market Yard and now Peckham is having it’s turn under the spotlight with the opening of Peckham Feastival. The market will see some of London’s best food trucks parked up in Copeland Park’s 11,500sq ft warehouse and with the likes of Forza Win, The Cheese Truck, PopDogs and Rainbo sat in the driving street, it’s gonna be some feast. But it’s not all about the food with two bars and a 250 litre tank filled with unpasteurised Pilsner Urguel, which will help fuel you through a game of Birdie’s Crazy Golf or a night on the dancefloor. So whether you wanna eat, drink or give those balls a seeing to, you can’t go wrong at Peckham Feastival.

Every Friday from 5pm  & Saturday from 12pm
Fri 11th November – Fri 23rd November 2016
133 Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN