Marcus Wareing and The Gilbert Scott are checking out of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in King’s Cross and Patrick Powell is checking in, to open the Midland Grand Dining Room in the same space. Harry Handelsman, the man behind the hotel (which is one of the best hotels in London), has worked with Patrick twice before – first at Chiltern Firehouse where Patrick was head chef for four years and then supporting the opening of Patrick’s restaurant Allegra at Manhattan Loft Gardens in Stratford – so we’re expecting big things from this next collab.

Architect and designer Hugo Toro, who recently did the redesign of Booking Office 1869 in the hotel, is also coming back to head up this project, which will consist of a restaurant, a standalone Gothic Bar, a private dining area, a chef’s table experience and an outdoor terrace. He’s using mirrors, rattan and caning, wood columns, textured glass, a bespoke orange colour and a custom floor to reference the room’s original design back when it was a 19th century hotel.

In terms of the food, there’ll be a French accent to the menu, nodding to the area’s position as a gateway to Paris, with dishes such as:

  • crab & elderflower pain perdu
  • chicken liver parfait with truffle & madeira jelly
  • salad of English tomatoes, pesto rouge, pickled shallots & soft herbs
  • wild mushrooms on toast with parsley & garlic
  • Welsh lamb with pommes anna, ratatouille & whipped aubergine
  • Grand Marnier souffle
  • Epping honey madeleines

The wine list will be largely old world but it’s the cocktails that sound particularly promising. Bar Manager Jack Porter will be heading up the Gothic Bar, creating serves centred around eau de vie, including The Menagerie (with asparagus eau de vie, vermouth & soda) and Diablo’s Descent (with tomato eau de vie, pepper, sage & tequila). With twists on classics also available, as well as a curated collection of absinthe with absinthe taps on the bar, it’s set to be quite the drinking spot.

Opens Tues 2nd May 2023
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Rd, London NW1 2AR