London’s had a bit of a pasta renaissance over the last couple of years thanks to the likes of Padella, Bancone, Pastaio and Lina Stores and now another restaurant is throwing its hat into the ring. Pasta Nostra, recently opened on Old Street, is serving up a short menu of Italian small plates (focaccia, salumi, arancini etc) and fresh pasta, which you can see displayed at a counter, including pappardelle with oxtail ragu, tortello carbonara, fettuccine amatriciana and gnocchi puttanesca.

The drinks list is similarly tight, with a handful of spritzes, wines and craft beers on offer. Pasta Nostra also does a takeaway option pasta, house focaccia and salad for a tenner, so if you work in the area you can treat yourself to a double carb lunch, plus you can buy to take home and cook and for 8 squid you can score a spritz & arancini….Go on then!

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122 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD