It’s been a long time coming but British-Ghanaian restaurateur Akwasi Brenya-Mensa is finally opening his debut restaurant Tatale in London this July. Inspired by the chop bars that are popular in West Africa and named after the plantain pancake tatale, Tatale will open inside The Africa Centre, which has recently relocated to Southwark, and will be a place where Akwasi can tell stories through food, art, and culture. He’s spent the first half of the year experimenting with pop-ups and hosting events in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Accra, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belfast and Lisbon to gain a deeper understanding of the foods of the Black diaspora and to inform his own pan-African menu.

You can expect the likes of Omo Tuo Nkatekwan Sesame (mashed rice with groundnut soup); Chichinga Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings with Dill Emulsion; Ackee Croquettes with Curry Emulsion; Berbere King Oyster Mushroom with Jollof Couscous, Plantain, Red Stew and Palm Wine Pickled Shallot; and Red Snapper Moqueca. As well as the food, you can expect music from the Black diaspora on the stereo and regular talks and dining collabs – sounds like Tatale will have been worth the wait.

Opens Thurs 14th July 2022
66 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BL