palace x polo ralph lauren

They’ve already done collabs with Oakley and Adidas this year, the Palace crew has revealed that their next team-up is with Polo Ralph Lauren, after billboards featuring both brand logos started to pop-up, first in Tokyo and then online. Now we’ve got a proper look at the range thanks to a David Sims lookbook, and it includes a variety of check prints mashed together on hats and shirts, plaid two-pieces, corduroy, and the iconic Polo bear (doing a kick-flip on the front of sweater no less).

The Palace team seem pretty hyped about the whole thing, saying that “for Palace, there is no brand held in higher esteem than the one and only Ralph Lauren. Palace have been true fans of Polo for forever, but for many years, the prospect of collaborating with the iconic American fashion house remained in the realm of fantasy. Palace Ralph Lauren is a timeless collection that represents a love letter from a young London skateboard company to their favourite brand in the universe.” And we sure that this is gonna fly out once it drops.

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Drops Fri 9th November 2018