Ozone Coffee is one of our fave places to get a brew in town and soon there’ll be even more coffee to go around as it’s opening a second restaurant, coffee bar and roastery. Ozone, which started in New Zealand before opening its first London space in Shoreditch, is staying east, choosing Pritchard’s Road just south of Broadway Market for site number two.

In the kitchen there’ll be a focus on sustainable and whole-cycle cooking, with a lot of produce fermented, pickled, smoked and dried in-house. Like the original, this Ozone will serve food all day, with dishes including smoked Cornish mackerel on rye with kombu chilli jam, salted cucumber and fried egg; kaffir lime pancake with Crouch End honey, stone fruit and labneh; yellow pea falafel with hummus and beetroot kraut; and 3-cheese & smoked carrot tortilla with poached egg and lemon chard for breakfast and lunch. Come dinner time you can expect the likes of house linguini with kina butter, and cured yolk; catch of the day with crab sauce and ‘Hangi’ potatoes; and fermented dough pizzas.

Naturally the coffee offering will strong, with specialty coffee roasted on site as well as coffee cocktails like the Cold Drip Negroni (plus some non-coffee bevs for those of you who don’t want to be kept awake at night).

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Opens October 2019
8 Pritchard’s Road, London, E2 9AP