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It has many names; toasted cheese, the cheese toastie, the simple toastie, the cheese waffle. It is also constructed in all different manners using a whole range of different breads, cheeses, oils, meats and even vegetables and fruits. T’is a versatile beast.

Derived from the French “Croque Monsieur”, the Grilled Cheese has been served in bars and pubs since the early 1900’s. Back in 1940 Grilled Cheese sandwiches were open and it wasn’t until the 60’s that the top piece of bread was added to the sandwich. It’s a winner every time. In 2006 a woman by the name of Sonya Thomas was crowned the winner at the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship, for eating 26 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes. Cheesers Christ that’s a lot of cheese. So we’ve got our top five places in town for a Grilled Cheese sarnie that will not disappoint…

The Cheese Bar

The Cheese Bar is the first restaurant from the people behind The Cheese Van. Knocking out cheese toasties and basically a whole menu of dishes made, filled or covered in cheese it’s one in demand cheese toastie joint. The Cheese Bar celebrate all that is great about British Cheese and you can find them at Camden Market, Yep, they bring the cheese.

National Grilled Cheese Day | London On The Inside

Morty & Bobs

On a mission to revive and transform the humble cheese toastie Morty & Bob’s recently opened their first cafe in Netil House in partnership with Night Tales. Which means live music brunch on their newly refurbished roof terrace. Their signature Grilled Cheese Sandwiches use M&B cheese sauce, as well as a unique blend of three British Cheeses and everything comes with a free homemade pickle. It’s epic!

National Grilled Cheese Day | London On The Inside


It’s the Scottish influence which has made their ‘Macbeth’ haggis toastie build up a cult following across town. This led to the Deeney’s Café opening in Leyton in 2015, their first permanent home. You can find Deeney’s at St Katherines Dock on Fridays, Broadway Market Saturdays and on Chatsworth Road on Sundays. Get involved in the Hot Haggis, Cheddar, Caramelised Onions & Rocket. WINNER!

National Grilled Cheese Day | London On The Inside

Grill My Cheese

Two enthusiastic cooks opened Grill My Cheese back in 2013 and have gone on to get enormous recognition in the cheese toastie world. That is due to their baby, their pride and joy…their ‘Baby Got Mac’ which see’s pulled pork, mac and cheese, barbecue sauce and of course…cheese on buttered sourdough. Find them on Leather Lane and also at Selfridges food hall for the next few days…

National Grilled Cheese Day | London On The Inside

Melt Room

These guys bring the taste of the New York style cheese-stuffed sandwiches to London and offer a pretty outstanding range of melts. From pulled pork shoulder to mac and cheese specials, Melt Room have got it going on. They live on Noel street, W1F 8GY and are open 7 days a week. BOOM.

National Grilled Cheese Day | London On The Inside

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