After popping up at Frank’s Canteen in Highbury way back in April of this year, OSLO Fish x Bun is back with a permanent new spot in the West End, which has space for you to dine in if you don’t wanna take your buns on the move. The fast food restaurant specialises in grilled mackerel in a bun (big clue in the name there), kinda like a Scandi take on fish & chips. The concept is pretty simple – it’s mackerel, bun, sauce and side. A handful of hot and cold drinks and one dessert, lokma aka deep fried doughnut balls filled with custard or chocolate, round out the menu.

The Oslo Mack – grilled mackerel in a sourdough bun – is the classic but you can also get the fish inside a seeded bun, a Japanese milk loaf, on a salad or as mackerel pate on a thick slice of bread. They come with fennel and cucumber pickle; you can pimp the buns with celeriac remoulade, beetroot horseradish and wasabi mayo; and either fries or salad are available as sides. BUNS OUT people.

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15A Argyll St, London W1F 7TN