ones to watch: ary

Norweigan artist/producer Ary has spent the last 12 months refining her sound, and after gaining a loyal fan-base in her home country she’s unleashed her sound on the rest of the world. Putting her own spin on Norwegian pop, Ary produces some absolute bangers and collaborated Carl Louis on her debut single ‘Higher’ that was A-listed by NRK P3 in 2015.

Her latest single ‘Childhood Dreams’ is a slick piece of pop.  Ary explains that lyrically “The song represents the balance between love, safety and ambition. How I remembered looking back to my childhood dreams, and comparing my expectations to my reality”. And if you were wondering where they got that sample from it was an indigenous witch-group chanting from Russia…Bringing together electronic beats, slinky synths and jazz-inflected hums, ‘Childhood Dreams’ just shows a glimpse of what Ary is capable of and we can’t wait to hear more.