Bishop Briggs has been lurking with her track ‘Wild Horses’ for a while. We seem to have heard it a lot, it seems to be everywhere. Previously known just by the name Bishop, she’s a mysterious character, with very little online presence but with some massive sounding hits. British yet based in LA, she’s seems set to be a name that we’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming year so expect some HEAVY thumping.

Bishop Briggs seems to take a lot of different elements and fuse them into one impressive final product. What you’ll probably notice first is her powerful vocals, but it’s the more subtle elements that make this something really special. Heavy impact thumping beats, taken from some RnB dance track come together with more delicate, near-folky guitar riffs or piano layering up to form her unique sound. After touring with Coldplay in the states, the only way is up for Bishop Briggs.