on the inside | team loti #3

Behind the scenes part 3. February is done and we’re into March, but are LOTI feeling the snow or sliding along nicely? Find out in the latest episode of the LOTI Diary…life on the inside.

LOTI DIARY | London On The InsideJules Pearson

What a month and what even is this weather?! This month I’ve had a rollercoaster. Fave meals in London have included the new (old) Chinese Poons, wine, cheese & meat at St Paul’s, the amazing Sunday lunch menu at Launceston Place, Ollie Dabbous fixed lunch menu at Henrietta hotel and cheap eats Thai at Krapow. Then there was the 15th Anniversary Dinner at Sketch which involved far too much champers, a delicious tasting menu and wines to match. Other activities included a weekend in Paris purely for pleasure – lots of eating & drinking (shout out to Bisou bar team for been so friendly) and a week in Portland meeting and eating the good and great of the US city for the day job. Wanna hear more about the day job check out my interview with The Vurger team. There’s also been a trip to the Cotswolds, a wedding planned, my first pair of glasses (getting old!) and a move date of 1st May confirmed for my 6 months in NYC. Question is… should we do NYCOTI? Answers please. Big love for the amazing chubby hearts this month, not so much love for the weather…

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Ben Smith | London On The Inside
Ben Smith


February has been a weird month. The sun came and went. Behind the scenes of LOTI I’ve been working on setting up a new Friday email we are calling EDITS where we are working with some of our favourite brands and businesses to bring great content, the first we are working with Propercorn and is celebrating International Women’s Day. it’s very exciting. I have also completed three weeks training at Speedflex, which offers the polar opposite to anything a traditional gym can offer, you can read out my journey here. I also got an electric bike…yep battery powered to whizz about on, more on that in the coming weeks. I’ve also been doing a lot of home improvements, installing an Ikea kitchen and have some great content for those looking to upgrade Ikea furniture to make it look out of this world different as well as a special feature on getting a bespoke kitchen worktop. I’m looking forward to March, desperate for a finished Kitchen, heading into a hotel for review in central London and the first bank holiday of the month is in sight. WHOOP!

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LOTI DIARY | London On The InsideChristina Dean
Content & Social Media Writer

With weekends in Amsterdam, Norfolk and at a wedding, it feels like I’ve been out of London as much as I’ve been in it in February. I have managed to squeeze in a trip to the swishy new Bridge Theatre, followed by a bangin’ Sunday roast at Coal Shed, a meat feast at new Argentine restaurant Chimis, dinner at Bird of Smithfield and a visit to the new Santa Maria pizzeria in Fitzrovia – yes I carried leftover pizza back through the snow, yes it was totally worth it. The absolute highlight of the month though was seeing Kendrick Lamar at the O2 – it was ???. Speaking of heat, I’m very ready to say goodbye to this ridiculous weather…blizzard chic isn’t really my thing.

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