Maybe you’re toying with the idea of going booze-free, maybe you’re off the sauce for good…either way you can still make abstaining from alcohol for thirty one days not just bearable, but actually taste good too. From bubbly teas to botanical liquors and spirits – beer drinkers, we’ve got you covered with 0% brews too – here’s the non-alcoholic drinks we’ll be sipping on this Sober October.

Black Lines

Rather than try to substitute a spirit in its first non-alcoholic serve, Black Lines decided to create its own version of a classic mocktail – the Shirley Temple. With grenadine, ginger ale, raspberry soda, fresh lemon, blood orange and bitters, it’s fun, fruity and fresh, and as you’d expect from Black Lines, the label is on point too.

High Point

Cornwall-based High Point produces the world’s first fermented non-alcoholic spirits. The Ruby Aperitif, with hibiscus, lavender, wormwoood, pink peppercorn and pink grapefruit zest, is herbal and bittersweet, whereas the Amber Digestif, with lapsang, ginger, clove, vanilla, cacao nibs, gentian root and oak, is spicy and smoky, making the former great for a spritz and the latter perfect for a lowball or Old Fashioned.


Toast to the good times without the booze with REAL’s naturally-fermented sparkling teas. Made at their very own fermentary in Buckinghamshire using handpicked loose-leaf tea, both REAL flavours – Royal Flush (with notes of stone fruit, rhubarb & peach) and Dry Dragon (with notes of melon, lemon & grapefruit) – deliver the same punch and mouthfeel you’d expect from a sparkling vino.

Wednesday’s Domaine

If you want all the best bits of wine except the alcohol (and a fuzzy head), then alcohol-free wine brand Wednesday’s Domaine is the one for you. They have a white and red, both of which proper complexity of flavour – the white, made from Airen Blanco grapes, is crisp and citrusy whilst the red, made from Tempranillo grapes, had notes of plums and blackcurrants, and both go down a treat.

JING Sparkling Tea

Partial to a glass of sparkling vino? Pop a bottle of JING’s sparkling tea with its jasmine aromas, hints of honey and a dry texture to stay in on the action. Perfect for those occasions where you still need to raise a glass.


Listening to plants and people is at the heart of Everleaf aperitifs, so these non-alcoholic options are all natural and sourced sustainably. There’s one for spritz drinkers, one for gin drinkers and one for those that love a pink gin. Cheers to that.

French Bloom

Co-founded by model Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger, French Bloom gives you everything you want from a fine wine, bar the booze. Le Rosé is 0% alcohol (they also do a Le Blanc) and is full of cherry, peach and wild berry flavours.


Off the wagon has never felt so easy with Botivo. The premium aperitif-inspired drink contains five botanicals, apple cider vinegar and wildflower honey, which combine to create a complex liquid that’s herbal, citrusy and bittersweet with no alcohol, no flavourings and no preservatives. Mix with soda and enjoy as the day winds down and the evening draws in.

L.A Brewery

If you’re off the sauce you can still treat yourself a to bit of fizz with this Sparkling English Blush Kombucha from Suffolk-based non-alcoholic microbrewery L.A Brewery. It’s got fresh, floral notes of rhubarb and elderflower and great acidity, and as a bonus, it’s low in sugar and high in gut-friendly bacteria.


All fans of dark and smoky spirits like rum and whisky need to have Dandy Smoke from Crossip on their radar. It’s got notes of lapsang souchong, pine, ginger, cinnamon, clove and chilli, making for a rich and complex flavour, and it’s ideal for shaking up into sour cocktails or mixing simply with soda or cola.