No Idea, a brand new tasting menu restaurant has quietly opened in Shoreditch, taking over a tiny spot on Curtain Road. And when we say tiny, we mean it – we’re talking just ten seats plus another four at the bar. Run by owner and head chef Andrew Sutton, who’s spent time at Gidleigh Park and Chewton Glen as well as working as a chocolatier at Rococo Chocolates, No Idea is all about blurring the lines between savoury and sweet.

Drawing on his background as a pastry chef, Andrew has two tasting menus (three- and six-courses, plus wine and cocktail pairings) that border on dessert but are designed to be enjoyed as a full meal. The dish descriptions, such as grapefruit & miso, carrot & coffee, parsnip & long pepper and gooseberry & soft cheese, are vague but we are defo intrigued by this place.

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26a Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NY