Finding somewhere to exercise your body is easy is in this town, but somewhere for your mind, well that’s a little harder. Enter Nimaya MindStation, London’s first dedicated gym for the mind. The new studio in Farringdon offers a range of therapies, from acupuncture and reiki to PandoraStar light therapy, Shamanic healing and floatation tanks, all designed to help you relax and re-balance. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia or you just want to avoid burning out, there’s something for you here.

As well as providing a much-needed time out, many of the therapies at Nimaya MindStation also have physical benefits. Floatation tank therapy helps boost circulation as well as reduce stress; cryotherapy can help with inflammatory conditions; and advanced red light therapy can accelerate healing. We tried the advanced red light therapy bed, cryotherapy and the slightly more trippy Pandorastar which forces your mind into a meditative state. Not gonna lie we bounced back to work afterwards and it was genuinely nice to be forced to take a lunch break and step away from the desk – easier said than done. You can also book consultations with experts in nutrition, mindfulness and clinical psychology.

69 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3PL