The ‘clubstaurant’ (an OTT club/restaurant hybrid) has been on the rise for a while now, with spots cropping up around (mostly west) London – and now we’re gearing up for the latest addition, Miro. Set to open on the former Street XO site in Mayfair, which is already no stranger to the bougie restaurant concept, Miro will be extravagant, to say the least. We’ve been told to expect a signature dish that features a kilogram of caviar and a price tag of £3000 and a cocktail made with a rare 1950s gin and 1970 Dom Perignon champagne at a colossal £5000 (and that’s not even the most expensive on the list).

The menu will be a mix of small bites and larger plates, all dramatically presented, with dishes including king crab and confit garlic croquettes, truffled cheese toasties, mini brioche beef tartare caviar tins, and Miro’s take on fish & chips, which involves layers of crisp potato, fatty tuna and wasabi tartare. There’ll also be a selection of quality steaks, lobster thermidor and pasta for main courses. The drinks list has been dedicated to rare and vintage spirits, meaning the prices range from £500 – £50,000. Expect Louis XIII Cognac, 1950 Macallan scotch, Clase Azul Ultra’ Extra Anjeo and more – yes this is for ballers only. And, of course, there’ll be live DJs to set the clubby tone.

Opens Fri 15th July 2022
15 Old Burlington Street, London W1S 3AJ