A Nepalese Dumpling Restaurant Is Opening in Borough Yards

Sisters Trishna and Dipa Chamling are behind Eat Momo

Borough Market is clearly the destination of choice for hot new restaurants – David Carter has just opened AGORA and OMA there, plus there’s katsu sandos from TOU, French bistro Camille, Thai spot Kolae, and soon Nepalese momo restaurant Eat Momo will be joining the party. The canteen and ‘momo factory’, opening in the Borough Yards development, will specialise in the Nepalese steamed dumplings inspired by regional recipes from across the country.

Fillings will include pork, chicken and beef flavoured with coriander and spices, and veggie and ginger momo, with traditional accompaniments of spicy chilli pickle and tomato chutney. You’ll also be able to see the chefs making each momo by hand and there’ll also be a takeaway hatch so you can grab your momo to go. And it sounds like a real family affair – owners Trishna and Dipa have got their dad to put together a playlist of Nepalese folk music – so it’ll be worth sitting in if you can.

Opens August 2024
1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU