need help with your bank balance? <br>introducing chip

If you’re constantly skint and can’t save for shit, stop drowning your sorrows over £5 pints and download Chip. The automatic banking app will help you save money and help you hit your goals without even trying. Yes, that summer holiday you’ve been dreaming of could become a reality and we will give you £10 for hooking it up too.

But how? Well, we will show you how; the free app connects to your current account and uses artificial intelligence to analyse your transactions and learn about your spending habits. Every few days the app then calculates how much you can afford to save and will transfer it automatically into your Chip savings account – meaning you’re saving £££ without doing any hard work! You can also transfer up to £100 a day manually if you’re feeling rather flush.

The app is made for those of you who are bad with money and even works if you are in your overdraft. It’s also perfect for all your freelancers and people without a regular income as the algorithms will work with your income and only deduct what you can afford, and if you’re feeling it’s taking too much you can always put a pause on the saving. Let’s face it London is expensive and Chip is here to help, so download it now, connect up your bank and get £10 for doing it – we’re talking free money peeps! And with all that saving, you’ll be able to afford that summer you’ve always wanted…

To get your £10
click the link below
add in your mobile number
download, hook up your account and disco…you’re sorted.
Easy £10 …cha-ching!

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A lot of you might be thinking ‘I’m not giving my bank details over to some random app’ or ‘this doesn’t seem safe’, well rest assured Chip is an electronic money institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through its agency status with Prepaid Financial Services and even if the company were to go bust, you’d be able to recover your money from Barclays. And with all data being protected with 256-bit bank grade encryption and not stored, you don’t have to worry about giving away passwords. It’s 100% safe, totally real and team LOTI are already members – yes, we’re saving too!

The ten pounds will show in the app after a week, once your first savings is has been transferred. Chip is currently available only in the UK and works with: NatWest, Halifax, Lloyds, Nationwide, Barclays, HSBC, First Direct, Santander, TSB, RBS, Metro Bank and Co-operative Bank. Happy saving.