As well as supplying fresh produce to over 800 London chefs and another 400 in Paris and New York, Natoora also runs five grocery stores in the capital. Not content with simply providing ingredients, Natoora will be cooking them for you too at Natoora Counter, recently launched inside the Notting Hill shop.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Natoora Counter is serving an entirely traceable menu, meaning all the ingredients have come from its own supply chain. Each dish is made to order to cut back on food waste and all takeaway packaging is entirely compostable too, so it’s all very sustainable.

As you’d expect, the menu will be super seasonal and therefore change all the time but so far it’s featured the likes of English asparagus with piattone beans and ricotta, Raffaele’s tomatoes with chickpeas and turmeric houmous, and grilled courgette with Suffolk quinoa and soft cheese.

And of course if you want to try your hand at making the dishes at home, all the ingredients are available to buy in the shop.

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