nanny bill’s x birthdays

You may have shed a few tears when Nanny Bill’s shut up shop in Shoreditch for summer but fear not because they have taken up residence at Birthdays in Dalston. If you aren’t already familiar with Nanny Bill’s, their strap-line is ‘burgers and balls’, balls being the croquettes they have become known for.

The menu makes choosing hard work as every dish sounds like a banger, even the sides and dip selection. Halloumi nuggets and garlic buttermilk mayo?! Erm HELLO. We managed to settle on the Dalston Dip; a double cheese burger with caramelised onions, cheese and burger sauce served with a jug of gravy for dipping (or drenching) the burger in and The Hot Mess; buttermilk chicken, bacon, hot sauce and gherkin relish. We also rated the balls, especially the pea, mint and feta ones served with sriracha mayo and the mac & cheese balls served with a crack-like hot sauce. These guys also cater for vegans with two types of burgers, The Garden and The Lulu, and even a vegan sriracha sauce.

Make no mistake Nanny Bill’s is junk food, but it’s junk food that’s worth taking the calorie hit for….

Birthdays, 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BJ