Designed to help us humans move better, BLOK’s workshop will take you through ways in which the mind, breath and body can be used to aid natural movement. People who are sat at a desk practically all day, most of the week will appreciate this one.

For experienced practitioners and complete beginners, you can learn how to perfect or embrace the fear in the handstand and empower a world that is upsidedown using balance, strength and flexibility. If you’re more advanced, you’ll have the chance to try some alternatives that’ll keep you upside down for longer.

Explore the power of your spine through mobility work that looks at  traction, contraction and leverage. AND increase your knowledge and understanding on physical awareness and learn how to stimulate your nervous system giving you a boost through back bending. No matter what level you are at, you’re always looked after in classes at Blok. Get down and throw some shapes.

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Sat 7th December 2019, 2.30pm
Principal Place, 2 Hearn Street, London EC2A 3BR