Xi’an restaurant Murger Han, which already has sites in Euston and Mayfair, has gone to the City for restaurant number three. The signature murgers (slow-cooked meats like pork and spicy beef served in a flatbread) and 12-foot hand-pulled biang biang noodles are on the menu alongside la tiao zi with slow-cooked lamb, dry beef & cauliflower noodle, Xi’an special braised chicken, tripe skewers, and surf clams.

The cocktail list sounds just as interesting with Xi’an rice wine, barley tea, pickled garlic, black vinegar and soy sauce all making an appearance. The restaurant was set to offer a Xi’an breakfast menu as well as but there have been some delays in the kitchen so it’s not quite ready yet.

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9 Philpot Lane, London EC3M 8AA