We’re already big fans of the new-look Mr Ji with its menu from TA TA Eatery and now we’re loving it a whole lot more as the restaurant is launching a brand new Sunday roast series, running on the first Sunday of every month. Obvs this isn’t going to be your regular roast beef and yorkie situation, instead it’s gonna be TA TA’s take on siu mei, aka Cantonese roasted meats. And boy is it meaty as you get roast duck with umami dip, roast pork belly with sweet mustard, Tawainese sausage with garlic mayo AND Mr Ji’s soy poached chicken with ginger & spring onion dipping sauce.

It’s not a proper roast dinner without the trimmings, which in this case include unlimited lettuce cups with shiso, unlimited jasmine rice with salted duck egg, and spring onion & pickles. And if you need more, you can order extras like a dougan, chiili & spring onion salad, a choy sum, wood ear mushroom & sesame salad, Mr Ji’s prawn ‘in’ toast, 24k kimchi and daikon cake with shiitake & garlic soy paste. Tickets for the Sunday Roast cost £67.50 for two people, including a welcome drink like a grapefruit hawthorn spritz each, so get booking.

Sun 3rd October 2021, Sun 7th November & Sun 5th December 2021
72 Old Compton St, Soho, London, W1D 4UN

Photo credit: Jessica Wang