After popping up in Camden, Samuel Haim (also founder of Hook) is taking his Taiwanese night market chicken to Soho with a permanent site for Mr Ji. The restaurant will specialise in fried chicken dusted with a range of flavour powders and Taiwanese teas. All the chicken dishes will be made using free range birds, including the Big Ji (a butterflied fried chicken breast), the Mini Jis (bitesize pieces of marinated thigh meat) and Bao burgers (spiced fried thigh in a steamed bun). And you can get your chicken dusted with a range of powders like traditional spice, Taipei ketchup, Ningxia BBQ and Salt & Black vinegar.

Hot and sour soup, seven-spiced chicken tips, fries, and Taipei slaw will be on offer as sides with one solitary pud, sweet potato doughnuts with ginger sugar, rounding out the menu. If you’re on the wagon, you can pair your chicken with Taiwanese tea and if you’re off it, you can spike them spirits or go for some Gold Medal Taiwan Beer instead. And if you get down there on opening day you could bag one of 100 free Big Ji’s. CLUCK YEAH.

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Opens Weds 20th November 2019
72 Old Compton St, London W1D 4UN