If you don’t know about the momo, let us fill you in – they’re dumplings that come from Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan and they’re still not that common in London (House of MoMo and Fatt Pundit are the only places we’ve had them in town), but new spot MoMoMo is here to change that. Not only are they serving up Timur pepper chicken, spiced beef, tofu & spinach and spicy jackfruit momos, they’re turning them into meals by adding them to bases of hakka fried rice, chow mein, greens and slaw, and topping the bowls with jalapeno & coriander, coconut & turmeric, sweet & sour and Nepalese achar sauces. Best of all, the bowls all cost less than a tenner so it’s the perfect lunch option.

There’s already one MoMoMo in the City with another site (with 32 covers and grab & go counter) coming to Fitzrovia very soon, so it’ll be easier than ever for all you dumpling fans to get your fix.

Opens Fri 22nd April 2022
1 Charlotte Place, London W1T 1SA