What’s the vibe?

Now he has restaurants all over the world and his own Netflix series, it’s good to remember that superstar chef David Chang started out with a straightforward noodle bar back in 2004 – and much like Chang, Momofuku Noodle Bar is still going strong, packed full of hungry diners slurping ramen from noon till night. It has a pretty classic no frills Japanese style to it, with chairs, tables and walls all being decked out in plain light wood. One of the few bits of decoration is a stunner, a huge sepia photograph of The Band taken by Elliott Landy. We actually have this same photo back in London, but a much much smaller version, and any place that has a photo of The Band on the wall is alright by us.

What to order?

Some of the dishes that made Chang famous are still here present and correct – every visit to Momofuku Noodle Bar should include a round of the insanely good pork buns, featuring a thick slab of juicy pork belly in a soft pillow-like bao. The pork ramen is as good as ever too: rich broth, springy noodles, more pork, and a soft boiled egg make for a winning combo. There’s plenty more to explore too, however, including fried chicken, smacked chilli cucumber, Chinese broccoli, and crispy fried shrimp buns.

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