The closer you are to the sea, the easier it is to get your hands on super fresh fish. London isn’t by the seaside but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise when it comes to our fish suppers and it’s all thanks to Mitch Tonks. The British seafood expert and founder of Rockfish, is changing the game when it comes to buying fish, taking it from sea to plate in 24 hours with his brand new nationwide delivery service Seafood at Home. And this ain’t your regular fish box or meal kit; the Seafood at Home team controls the entire process, so you can see the catch that’s landed at Brixham Market minute-by-minute every morning via an online market and purchase the fish for delivery the following day. Once the fish has been landed, it’s cleaned and packed right next to the quay and sent out in sustainable packaging (you can even send back the boxes and insulation for re-use).

The fish and seafood on offer will change daily according to what is landed but you can expect everything from monkfish and sea bass to cuttlefish and scallops, and you can get a whole variety of cuts, from your standard fillets right up to tails, cheeks, T-bones and chops. As well as giving you access to the freshest possible fish, Seafood at Home is also about making cooking fish simple too, so you’ll get top tips and guides on how to cook your catch from Mitch and his chefs – you can even add on a selection of Rockfsh butters and sauces to make whipping up a restaurant-standard fish dish at home even easier.