What’s the vibe?

It’s all Lower East Side cool at Mission Chinese Food, a hip restaurant, with loud music, exposed brick walls, next to no lighting, and tables crammed in close together. It’s all a whole lot of fun but go with a group go mates for the party vibe, not for a quiet catch up.

mission chinese food

What to order?

It’s a big menu and you’ll want to order EVERYTHING. Dishes are on the large side though so go steady and stick to these absolute knock outs… Our pick of the starters is the steak tartare, served with miso cured salmon roe, lime & crunchy onion dressing, which is all wrapped up in crunchy lettuce leaves. Oh, and also get the cooling white cabbage and seaweed salad with white sesame, tapioca, and toasted buckwheat. From the mains we love the mouth numbing mapo tofu with heritage pork, aged beef fat, and doubanjiang, but our absolute favourite is the green tea noodles with ginger scallion sauce, and hoisin. Honestly, even if you think you don’t like matcha flavour, you have to get these! But you really can’t go far wrong with whatever you want to order here, they’re pretty much killing it across the board.


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