Oreo stuffed Nutella cookies with Coco Pops cereal milk? Yes Blondies Kitchen have taken the whole milk and cookie thing very seriously and are bringing some of their best creations to Old Street station in a two week pop up. With 5 types of cookie on offer including Cookie Dough slabs, Double Chocolate with Tahnini and Gluten Who? cookies with Peanut Butter & Oats, it’s gonna be a tough decision. But when it comes to the milk we’re team Coco Pops all the way, but if you wanna try and pretend to be a bit healthier there’s also Rude Health Almond Milk and Whole Milk.  And if you really wanna take it to the next level, order their Crunchie Mousse Cookie Sandwich for the ultimate treat.

Mon 17th – Sun 30th October 2016, 7am-7pm
Old Street Station, Old St, London EC1Y 1BE