Miga, a New Modern Korean Restaurant, Has Just Opened in Hackney

Miga is a ‘modern Korean kitchen’ that opened on the quiet on Mare Street at the start of June

Run by two brothers and their dad, who takes sole reins in the kitchen, it’s a real family affair, and although they’re still in the process of getting up and running (there’s no booze licence yet but you can BYOB for now) the signs are very promising. 

Miga actually has a bit of a longer history than this current new opening, starting down in New Malden 22 years ago. A full history printed on the wall outside the restaurant reads: 

Our parents’ first location quickly became a cornerstone of the community in New Malden, with the help of Grandma. One of the top three chefs in Seoul during the 70s. Not only did she pass on the Traditional Korean Palate to her son, but also her grandchildren.

Mumsy brought back the Miga name in October 2020, during Covid, with no previous kitchen experience. Her shop is a successful takeaway and is bringing people together in Morden, through food. Rudegirl’s probably hustling there now as you’re reading this.

Dad was trained by Korean and Japanese master chefs in the 90’s and has been blessing people with his peng food ever since. With a new direction set by his sons, we will be presenting: A modern take on Korean cuisine.

Open for lunch and dinner, there’s a slightly shorter menu during the day but still with plenty of big hitters. The Miga menu is roughly divided into rice, noodles, small plates, and sides. We went by for a quick lunch to try a few dishes and loved the fresh steamed tofu with grilled kimchi, which is made in-house. The sanchaeg bibimbab was great too, and a perfect summer lunch dish, topped with fresh crunch vegetables like spinach, soya bean sprouts, courgette, radish, and dry napa cabbage, topped with a soy vinaigrette. Finally, you can’t miss the ox bone broth, which is made to a family recipe passed down by the boys’ top chef grandma.

Elsewhere on the Miga menu, things we can’t wait to come back and try include the soy-braised shortribs; the spicy noodles with beef jeon; and the cucumber and spinach roll with miso sauce. 

A few things have come and gone on this site in recent years but we think these guys have nailed it, with a modern east London aesthetic combined with warm, family-run hospitality. Miga is definitely worth checking out as soon as you can because it could well be a tough reservation in weeks to come. 

Key Information

Address | 1 Mare Street, London E8 4RP
For more information | @miga.restaurant