The capital is home to some of the best barbers and barbershops in the business, but for the times you can’t get in to see a pro, you need to be able to re-create the experience at home. For that you need a proper piece of kit. They might be a new name on these shores but DORCO has actually been in the shaving game for 60 years, so when they say a six blade razor is the way to achieve a smooth shave every single time, we’re inclined to believe them.

The DORCO Pace 6 Plus features an ergonomically designed handle…so no need to worry about slippage…and aloe vera, vitamin E and lavender oil infused moisturising strips to keep your face feeling fresh. If you’re biting the bullet and saying bye to your beard, the wide guard bar will prep your hair perfectly, or if you’re just going in for a quick tidy up, the trimmer blade will help you nail the shaping – perfect if you’re doing Movember and you want to take your ‘tache to the next level.

And because DORCO is all about making the shaving process as seamless as possible, they even offer a subscription service that delivers fresh blades direct to your door. Looking sharp has never been so easy. You can even get 10% off for all products with this here code LONDONDORCO10 that you can use right up until 31st December 2016.