When it comes to event planning, sometimes it’s best left to the professionals – and the Pique team are experts at bringing the perfect picnic to life. Born out of a love of al fresco dining, Pique was founded in 2017 as a picnic box delivery service. But for those times when you need to take your picnic up an extra few notches, they cater and prepare everything. From freshly cooking the food to providing cushions and blankets to setting up decorations and games, Pique does it all, so you don’t have to.

The first step? Pick your menu. Pique puts together a collection of curated and seasonal menus so there’ll be something suitable for any occasion. For example, this year’s summer selection includes brunch, jubilee-themed, classic, kids-only and high tea options with the choice of a range of cakes and savoury bites as extra add-ons. And to drink, you can have wine, beer, soft drinks and even 5L Kilner dispensers of your cocktail of choice. 

Then, on the day itself, Pique will take care of the rest. On a sunny day in London, there’s no better place to be than a shady patch in one of the city’s parks, and Pique will select an ideal spot to set up the picnic. Decor depends on the package you’ve gone for; for example, you might fancy a boho vibe with Moroccan floor cushions and dried flowers in coloured glass vases, or maybe you’re having a hen do and want some ‘team bride’ brownies and rose gold crowns to set the scene. And if you’ve booked any games, deck chairs, Bluetooth speakers or picnic attendants, they’ll all be there by the time you arrive. Basically, no matter what your picnic track record is, this is one that’ll definitely go smoothly.

It gets even better because, at the end of your four-hour slot, the Pique team will come back to do a full clear-up. No lugging blankets and fold-out chairs back home, no guests leaving *conveniently* early, and no litter left behind. So the next time you have a special occasion and want to soak up some sun while enjoying phenomenal food, pick Pique.