Living in London it’s easy to get swept up in being on the go ALL THE TIME, so it’s super duper important to take a time-out. And you can do just that at BLOK. This meditation and mindfulness workshop will take you on a deeper journey into yoga beyond the physical asana. The two-hour class will be run by Hannah Almond and Koral Leigh-Webb at the Clapton site, where the pair will introduce breathing techniques before leading you through a fluid vinyasa, chakra cleansing meditation and relaxing yoga nidra, before you end with mantras and journaling. Not only will you leave with a better knowledge of what yoga can offer, you’ll be feeling relaxed and grounded too.

Sign up to BLOK here and book the workshop here.

Sun 23rd June 2019, 1.45pm
Tram Depot, 38-40 Upper Clapton Road, London, E5 8BQ