Mastering Home Office Organisation

Choosing to work from home may seem like a wonderful idea at first. All you need is a computer and somewhere to sit, right? But the truth is, it needs extra organising for it to function well and so you can enjoy your new work life.

When you only have a small space to create your office, there are tricks you can use to turn it into a productivity powerhouse and make great use of the space. Attic Self Storage provides some tips that will help you work happily from home.

Organise using Office Supplies

In a small space, the key is to be meticulously organized. A small investment in stationery will go a long way. Firstly, you need a tray where all documents requiring attention can be placed. It should also be used for incoming mail and to temporarily store any files that need to be put away. In addition, file organisers are essential. One can be used for administrative purposes (bills, letters, etc.) while another can hold completed projects.

In smaller spaces, drawers are essential, as we’ll explain later on. To make the most of them, consider buying drawer dividers. Otherwise, they may quickly become disorganised and complicate the task. Cups or other containers for holding pens and office accessories are also a necessary addition to keep your desk clutter-free.

Declutter and clear up Space

An orderly and tidy environment promotes efficiency, while a disorganised one can lead to feelings of unease and tension. Decluttering is crucial in a compact work area. Any unnecessary items that do not contribute to the completion of tasks should be promptly removed from the office. Maximise available space by removing furniture and personal possessions. These can either be relocated to another room within the house or stored in a self storage unit, if space becomes too cramped for both yourself and your family.

Choose a Desk with Many Drawers

Once you’ve worked from home for a while, you will soon understand that the most essential pieces of furniture for your office are the desk and chair. To save yourself from regrets, don’t skimp on either of them. They will play a crucial role in your comfort and productivity at work. If your workspace is limited, opt for a desk with multiple drawers to compensate for the lack of storage space, as we’ve mentioned before. It will help to store documents and to keep your desk free from anything other than the current project you are working on.

Maximise Your Workspace by Utilising Your Walls

In a small workspace, every inch of storage matters. We often overlook the potential of utilising our walls for this purpose. However, it is possible and beneficial to install shelves on the upper part of the walls, creating a row of space for work documents and books.  If space allows, consider investing in a multifunctional piece of furniture that offers hidden storage space for your work materials, providing both functionality and organisation

Opt for Light Colours for the Walls and Ceiling

Good organisation leads to efficiency, which should be your primary goal when working from home. To maintain productivity throughout the day, consider repainting your walls in light shades (if they are not already). A room filled with natural light will also give you the necessary energy to power through your day and remain dynamic.


Selecting the perfect room for your home office is essential. The better suited it is to your needs, the more content you’ll be with your decision to work from home. Keep things organised and utilise storage solutions to maximise space, and you’ll be on your way to being productive in no time.