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If your face is feeling a bit weather-beaten from all the recent changes in temperature, a mask is a great way to get your skin feeling replenished. You don’t have to go full spa with cucumbers over your eyes and all that, although why not treat yo’self?

Oil Control Face Mask | Bulldog

The witch hazel, willow bark and Cornish clay in this mask all help fight excess oil, because no-one wants a shiny face.

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Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask | Lab Series

This blue mask unclogs your pores without drying out your skin and you only need a little to see results.

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Purifying Charcoal Face Mask | Brickell

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance against this activated charcoal and kaolin clay combo.

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Face Putty Peel-Off Mask | Barber Pro

Slap it on, wait ten mins and then satisfyingly peel it away to reveal a fresh looking face.

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Intensive Purifying Mud Mask | Tom Ford

The mud mask gets a luxury upgrade.

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