Marugame Udon is the world’s largest udon noodle chain known for its Sanuki udon (a chewier texture compared to other styles of udon) and tempura, with more than 800 sites across Japan alone and another 250 in Asia, Russia and the US, and its certainly on a rollout mission here in London. After opening the first European restaurant right near Liverpool Street last summer, the chain followed that with others at The O2 in Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Bond Street and Brent Cross, and now it’s onto site number six, taking over the Garfunkel’s site just off Oxford Street.

The new site, set over two floors, will be the biggest Marugame yet. There’ll be the same canteen-style set-up where you work your way around the open kitchen, choosing your dish, whether it be udon, tonkotsu or donburi, before hitting the tempura station, and the condiment station where you can pimp your noods with ginger, chillies, tempura batter and other toppings, and click-and-collect kiosks if you like your udon on the go. To celebrate the launch, an anime-inspired Marugame Matsuri (that’s a Japanese festival btw) will be held on opening day, featuring a J-pop singer and cosplay characters, and there’ll also be 500 FREE bowls of udon up for grabs too.

Open Sun 18th September 2022
1-4 Argyll St, London W1V 1AD