London Fashion Week is a time for designers to push the boundaries and one person determined to move the industry forward is Martine Jarlgaard. Rather than host a typical runway show, she stepped outside social conventions to host the world’s first mixed reality fashion show. Teaming up with Fashion Innovation Agency and Doubleme, she presented her SS17 collection using augmented reality – removing the barrier between the physical location and the audience. Unlike virtual reality, the audience wore clear Hololens mixed reality goggles, which bought the collection to life through lifesize holograms superimposed into the presentation space that you could walk around and explore from all angles – leaving you in control. What’s more, Martine’s sustainable collection subtly hints to this futuristic technology, balancing dressy nostalgia with minimalist abstraction.

Augmented reality could allow collections to become instantly viewable worldwide and signals a huge change for the future of fashion and technology. Moving away from tradition, Martine encourages you to explore fashion rather than passively watch it. And the even better news? No more FOMO over those front row seats.