Ice Cream


Mamasons, the Filipino ‘dirty’ ice cream specialists (that’s the ice cream made in a steel drum with salt and ice), are serving up some seriously instagrammable scoops in Chinatown (they also have a shop in Kentish Town and a kiosk at Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush). You can get flavours like black coconut, ube (purple yam) and calamansi as well as bilog (a milk bun ice cream sandwich), ube iced lattes and halo halo, made with shaved ice, evaporated milk, coconut strings, jellies, leche flan & ube ice cream. SWEET.


Minus 12° Craft Ice Cream, London

Minus 12 degrees (named after the ideal serving temperature for gelato) is the small-batch ice cream shop slinging homemade, Italian-style gelato and sorbet to the people of South London. You can expect weekly changing flavours including the likes of malted dulce de leche; chocolate smoked salt; caramel gelato with whipped Nutella and banana bread; and ricotta gelato with crushed cannoli shells, toasted pistachios and pistachio cream. There’s plenty of vegan ones here too.


191B Balham High Road, London SW12 9BE

This Balham dessert bar serves up fresh ice cream made with organic milk in flavours like caramel popcorn, vanilla honeycomb, and cold-pressed coffee. If you don’t want just one scoop, you can also get stacked sundaes, milkshakes, waffles, crepes and more.


Bears Ice Cream Company London, Brook Green, London

The Hammersmith shop specialises in Icelandic-style soft serve ice cream, with flavours like golden syrup sponge; peanut butter, banana & chocolate shard; and rhubarb crumble & custard, which can be topped with all manner of fruit, sauces and chocolate.


137 Albion Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 9JU

This is an absolute hidden gem in Stoke Newington. The ice cream here is some of the best in London but it’s kind of an unknown spot unless you live in the area (which luckily we do!). When the weather’s nice there’s usually a queue down the street for this authentic Italian gelato, with flavours including ricotta and fig; salted caramel; supreme pistachio; and extra dark chocolate sorbet.


Covent Garden, London

You can’t get more traditional than Venchi who have 140 years of gelato-making experience under their belts. They have five stores across London, but with a gelato lab and a running chocolate tap, their Covent Garden shop is the one to head to.


Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London

For those wanting a fancy ice cream experience, you probably can’t do any better than The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason. The Parlour offers a range of decadent ice creams based on retro British faves like the knickerbocker glory and the banana split. And for those who want to push the boat out even further, there’s even the ‘Afternoon Tea in Ice Cream Form,’ which is exactly what it says on the tin.


Arch 437 Burdett Rd, London E3 4AT

If meal deal sandwiches are not for you, Happy Endings offer the perfect alternative. Yup you guessed it, we’re talking about ice cream sandwiches, like malted milk parfait in an oat biscuit and salted caramel & miso parfait between chocolate Guinness cake. You can order direct from Happy Endings or add them on as a pud when you next get a Yard Sale Pizza.


La Gelatiera - Covent Garden, New Row, London

La Gelatiera makes traditional artisan gelato according to their ‘Slow Food’ philosophy, so all their gelato is egg and gluten free, and lower in fat than most ice creams you’d find in the supermarket. So you can eat more of it, right? Their East Village store even has its own gelato-making lab so you can watch a fresh batch of ice cream being made whilst you scoff yours down.


54 Greek Street, London

From creating a nitro ice cream parlour in Camden to collaborating with Cadbury to create a Creme Egg Sundae, Chin Chin know how to make weird and wacky ice creams. At both their Camden and Soho joints, they mix luxe chocolate and caramel flavour ice-creams with cakes, cookies and ice-cream sandwiches. There’s always a bunch of toppings and sauces to pick from, and with a wide variety of vegan options as well, there’s something for everyone here.


7 Archer Street, Soho, London

With its blue-and-white tiled decor, you could easily be in Italy and not the middle of Soho. Here, it’s all about authentic Italian gelato made with fresh and natural ingredients. But strictly traditional this ain’t; as well as your classics, Gelupo scoops up the likes of avocado sorbets and mango sticky rice gelati.