It’s National Tequila Day on 24th July, so there’s really only one thing you should be drinking….and no, we don’t mean knocking back the shots with some salt and lime. Shake up a tequila cocktail instead, like this Diamond Fizz made with Maestro DOBEL Diamante. It’s the world’s first ‘Cristalino’, multi-aged tequila made using matured agaves and aged in Balkan wood barrels, so it’s smooth stuff. Add in a bit of fizz to the mix and you’ve got yourself something special.

What You Need

35ml Maestro DOBEL Diamante
10ml grapefruit juice
3 dashes orange bitters
5ml agave nectar
Champagne to top up

What You Do

Shake all the ingredients together and double-strain into a long flute glass
Top-up with champagne
Garnish with a coin-sized grapefruit peel

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