Summertime just calls for a spritz, and whilst a certain orange one might be your go-to, it’s definitely not your only option. This HYKE Spritz – also a great alternative to a G&T – features HYKE Gin, which is made from grape spirit produced from surplus fresh grapes. Yes grapes that would have otherwise gone rotten or been binned have been transformed into a gin with botanicals including coriander, myrrh and rooibos. Sustainable booze? We are in.

What You Need

35ml HYKE Gin
20ml rhubarb & ginger cordial
75ml sparkling rosé wine
50ml soda water
lemon twist and thyme sprig to garnish

What You Do

Fill a Copa glass with ice.
Add the rhubarb & ginger cordial and the HYKE Gin.
Top up with the rosé wine and soda water.
Garnish with a lemon twist and sprig of thyme.

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