Louie’s Fried Chicken Opening in Hoxton

London’s got some pretty excellent fried chicken these days, but one thing it’s sorely lacking is some proper Nashville hot chicken. We fell in love with this blow-your-head-off spicy fried chicken at Howlin’ Rays in LA last year (yes we did queue for 2 hours) and a pilgrimage to Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville where it all began is now high on our bucket list. 

Before we make it to Nashville, however, we’re very excited to hear that Louie’s Fried Chicken will be opening in Hoxton this April, specialising in Nashville hot chicken. The dish is set apart from other fried chicken due to the addition of cayenne pepper and chilli in the batter to make one spicy bit of bird, though it’s usually available in different heat levels. It’s then slapped in a bun with pickles, and more hot sauce if you’re really going for it.

Louie's Fried Chicken

There’s not too much info on Louie’s available at the moment but as it’s promising ‘real deal’ Nashville hot chicken it should be delivering something similar. The pictures posted so far on the Instagram feed seem to confirm this so we’re eagerly awaiting this one and will bring you more details soon.

Opening May 2019
Hoxton (location TBC)