lotiloves homeware: turning earth e2

Buying beautiful ceramics is all well and good but what about actually making them with your own two hands? It’s easier than you think thanks to places like Turning Earth E2. Tucked under the railway arches between Hoxton and Haggerston, Turning Earth is an open-access members’ ceramics studio and it welcomes absolutely anyone from total novices to pro artists.

Turning Earth is all about making crafts accessible. If you need a space to make pieces to sell or you want to learn the skills from scratch, they have the facilities and instructors on hand to help. As well as cultivating a sense of community within the studio, Turning Earth is also championing the idea of sustainable, locally-made products – nothing mass-produced is coming out of this shop. So not only can you get your hands dirty and enjoy the process of making something (rather than tapping away at a keyboard all day long), whatever you do end up with really is one of a kind, which makes a nice change from all that high street homeware.

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And if you can’t get into the Hoxton studio, Turning Earth has recently opened a second spot in Lee Valley so if you’re shopping for homeware and can’t find anything you like, you can just knock it up yourself.

Railway Arches 361-362, Whiston Road, London, E2 8BW