lotiloves homeware: the restoration

Stokey furniture showroom The Restoration came to life back in 2008 when owners Sophie Jones and Spud Macbain moved into the area and struggled to furnish their new place nicely, inexpensively and without succumbing to the lure of Swedish meatballs and flatpack furniture. After trips to antiques fairs and car boot sales they spotted a gap in the market for quality Victorian, Edwardian and mid-century furniture that doesn’t break the bank and The Restoration was born.

They still source pieces the same way and they now have the set-up to look further afield than London but everything they find comes from within in England, and that’s how the prices stay reasonable. The Restoration does stock a whole range of home accessories but the main draw is their selection of furniture, particularly Victorian and Edwardian storage items like chests of drawers…they’re actually big enough for all your stuff, they’re good quality and have excellent re-sale value, unlike something that comes in a cardboard box and requires assembly. If you’re over cold copper and want some warm velvet in your life, The Restoration also runs an upholstery service where main man Emmanuel Debra can fix up any furniture that needs a facelift.

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For antique pieces that don’t cost an arm and leg (but look like they do), you know where to go.

Unit 1 Bouverie Mews, 2 Bouverie Road, London, N16 0AJ