Richard Murray

Richard Murray is the man behind FoodChain, a simple idea that’s helping to connect chefs directly with producers. By bringing several farmers and producers together in one online based ordering system chefs are able to both streamline their ordering as well as see what the best produce available is from each seller. If at a particular time a farmer has an excess of rhubarb, for example, they can get this message out directly to chefs, helping them sell the product, reduce food waste, and giving chefs a good price in turn. For consumers, this is a win as the chefs in your favourite restaurants have easier and cheaper access to the best produce in the UK which trickles down to us as diners. What’s even more exciting is FoodChain’s plans to bring this ordering system direct to consumers as well as chefs so we’ll all be able to buy directly from farmers direct from our phones. Sounds like the future to us.